National Novice & Juvenile Uneven Age Cross Country Championships Details

The National Novice & Juvenile Uneven Age Cross Country Championships take place on Navan Racecourse

Sunday 3rd December 2023

Event Start time: 11:30am

Check-in 90 min before event

Juvenile Regulations:

WA Rules apply

Club singlets and appropriate footwear must be worn.

Athletes may move up one age group only, U10 may run U11 Cross Country.

All entries must be approved by the Regional Secretaries.

Regional Secretaries must forward a copy of the regional results to Head Office.


Top 12 from each Region

The first four (4) club teams in the 11-19 age group all must qualify for their Regional Cross-Country Championships.

Three (3) teams each from Munster, Ulster, Connaught, 4 from Leinster, and 1 Team from the Region of Dublin qualify for County Teams. In the 17-19 age groups, individual open entry will apply provided the athlete has been entered in the Regional Cross-Country Championships.

There is no open entry for Club or County Juvenile teams.

Open entries must be with Nationals at the closing date for the competition.

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